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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Dieting is a Lot Like Marketing/Running a Business- Part 1

One of my New Year's resolutions was to lose weight. And while I've been in the process of losing weight I've noticed something surprising- that I have some fears and trepidation about dieting that are similar to my fears and trepidation about marketing and running my business. And I bet many of you do too. Here are a few thoughts on how dieting and running a marketing program or a business are a similar experience and a few tips to make either endeavor successful. I'll have more to say about this over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

You are afraid to eat (spend money) because you have put in a lot of hard work to lose weight (trim the fat in your marketing budget or business) and don’t want to put it back on. The key is not giving up food or giving up spending. The key is to eat healthy (spend money wisely on) the things that will help you reach your goal.

In dieting, losing unhealthy weight (fat) is your goal. In business, losing unproductive expenses, processes, personnel, and investments is your goal. Once you’ve rid yourself of these unhealthy items, you want to avoid adding these back to your diet (your business).

Add some investments instead. Marketing is an investment. If it has become an expense in your business and is not producing measurable results (increased sales, increased profits, higher quality leads, reduced wasteful spending) get rid of it. *A caveat- some forms of good marketing can be a bad investment (mainly because it is mismatched to your goals or is done poorly) so make sure the marketing you use is ideally suited to your business and is something you can implement well.

Unfortunately, unlike in the food world where we know that a donut lacks nutritious value and contains a lot of unhealthy stuff that should be avoided if we are trying to lose weight and eat healthy, in the marketing arena it can be difficult to know what is nutritious and what is junk. That’s why I wrote “9 Reasons Small Business Marketing Stinks: And How to Avoid Smelling Rotten” for some tips and general advice about good marketing for small businesses. It is posted here in this blog so just scroll down until you find it.

I’m also here to help you sort through your options and help you implement the best strategy and tactics to help your business grow. Call me today to discuss how to get started positioning your business for success! 877-999-5469

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